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Monday, May 23, 2011

What do you do on a farm when it rains for weeks?????

What do you do on a farm when it rains for weeks?? build a teepee of course! This spring has been VERY rainy! Constant rain turns everything into giant mud pits. The fields are so inundated with wetness, that when I try to walk in the field to plant or weed, I sink up to my knees and cannot get my boots unstuck. It is like the fields have turned into gigantic quick sand pits. Not easy to put all what needs to be planted in the ground- puts us very behind!

All over the country we are dismayed at the levels of rainfall and flooding that is occurring. Farmers are having a terrible time getting their crops in the ground and we will be faced with sky rocketing food prices yet again! It is frightening.

So to help ourselves stay positive and to keep our WWOOFERS busy,, we built a teepee out of old barn beams from a barn we pulled down last month and recycled as many materials as we could. (We built the teepee around $100.) Now the WWOOFERS have a better camp area with room to hang out and able to cook out of the rain! The teepee boosted morale and we feel like we accomplished something within the boundaries of dreary skies. Below you will find the pictures of the new teepee, our WWOOFERS and work that went into creating the campsite! The campsite has a rustling brook and is also near a small pond with loads of crayfish! At dusk, the frogs all sing a lovely chorus that can also be heard at the house. What a lovely spot!

These are some of my favorite farm books so check them out! If you have not seen the movie or read the book "Alone in the Wilderness with Dick Proenneke," I invite you to check out one man's survival for 30 years in the Alaska wilderness. The movie is really inspiring on what the human soul can endure and how creative we can be without a television!

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