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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coyote Attack

Coyote Story:

Coyote's have big teeth, even small ones like the one I shot last this week, I think it was monday. I was heading down to check the animals monday at dusk and a coyote was rushing into the pasture toward the sheep. Gurdie (the sheep dog) intercepted it with a nice tackle and bite.They started fighting right there in the pasture near the sheep barn.

I ran back up the the house to get my rifle, the back door was locked and I pushed it open and broke the door in the process (fixed it after). I got the gun and ran down to the passture and by this time the coyote was about 200 yards away. It saw me and it started running, I shot it on the run at 200 yards but just glanced it.

Gurdie took off after it and they headed down towards Trout Brook. I hopped over the fence and gave chase. It was about 88-90 degrees that night with "full buggage". I could hear the Coyote and Gurdie fighting across the brook but I couldn't see them so I basically "bee-lined" straight through the scrub brush towards them.

During the trek I could hear the coyote squeeling and Gurdie growling and making the scariest Doggie noises. I finally got to within 30 yards of the rucus but still couldn't see Gurdy or the Coyote so I stepped into Trout Brook and started looking for a shot through the brush. Gurdy then jumped into the brook and started heading towards me. Another 2 steps and there was the coyote, howling, barking, and growling across the brook....head and neck exposed and I took a deep breath and BAM..

It got dark as I walked back to the farmhouse and I could hear the other coyotes from the pack howling close by. By the time I got back to the house it was dark.

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