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Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of January

Winter is a time for getting things done, behind the scenes, on the farm. Winter gives us time to plan all our crop, make seed orders, fix or make things, attend educational courses and conferences. Anything that we don't have time to do during the growing season!

I can't help but ponder how fast January seems to be flying by and all the "projects" on our TO-DO list that we have not finished yet. Hopefully, this is not a bad omen to our year, that we will be struggling to keep up each month! I will continue to think positive. My new year's motto.

This year we are excited on the changes are making here on the farm. First, we will be selling at two farmer's markets! More details will be coming later! We have been restructuring our CSA model with different time's for pick up, dates of selling season, and products. New products we will be offering are garlic, flowers, raw milk and soft cheese! We will be adding Icelandic sheep to our mix and maybe another herding or guardian dog. We will also be adding ducks and a variety of turkeys! We are very excited for this year.

We are also planning on planting raspberries, blueberries, nut and fruit trees that will provide our CSA members with more variety in the coming years!

Spring planting BRING IT ON!

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