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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wind Storm and power outages

Last night we had some really strong winds blow through the valley and the power flicking off and on. First thing that starts worrying us, is the big barn. Last spring, we had a 'mini' tornado pass through and took a 30' x 40' chunk out of the back wall of the barn. We have been trying to fix it, but planting season turns to fall harvest, (plus each of us having other jobs as well,) that not much has gotten done in repairing that gaping hole. Now that winter is on our heels, we must get that barn ready for lambing season. Farming never ends! Once in awhile though, we do get to sit back and watch a movie from Netflix. We don't watch much television, nothing on anyway worth wasting time on anyhoo! Netflix is so great, order a movie, it arrives in our mailbox, send it back once we watched it! FABULOUS! Great for the busy farmer.

I wanted to share a movie that we watched recently, Zelary. It is one of my favorite films; I must've watched it 10 times and I cry every time. I wanted to share it with Jon, but I could not find the copy that i owned, too many moves, so we rented it from Netflix. It is such a good movie, takes place during WWII and it is about a women who helped get people out of the country and she almost gets caught and must leave everything she knows, change her identity, and marry a logger in the country; whom she doesn't know. Check it out!

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