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Monday, December 13, 2010


Here on the farm we don't eat out very often. Not only do we want to save money for farm stuff, we also cannot find restaurants that compete with our culinary delights! The food  is so fresh from the farm! We are very happy when everything on our plate came straight from our own land. Next year, we will start growing grain for bread and baking so we no longer will need to purchase any flour and grains! The grains will also feed the livestock! Double bonus!

Pizza is our favorite food, so through trial and error, I finally came up with a pizza dough recipe that rivals any Italian restaurant. Jon likes really thin crisp crust, so I needed something that could withstand being loaded with toppings. The crust has garlic and rosemary kneaded in for extra flavor. I have also tried a blend of Italian herbs for an even tastier crust. The dough can also be used for making flat bread! YUM!

This recipe will soon be available in our new Cookbook coming this spring, so stay tuned!

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